Kuching High School, nestled atop a 3-acre undulating terrain, is situated at the city centre, overlooking the hub of the most briskly commercial centre of Kuching – among them are the 5-star hotels, shopping complexes, government agencies, financial institutions and coming up 2009 “Hills” project comprises of Novotel hotel and shopping complex all under one roof.

At the entrance gate, the modern arch stands majestically amidst the humble surroundings. For decades, it has symbolized an epitome of an educational centre, producing manpower and intellectuals of different disciplines for the country.

Upon entering the gate, a different time zone seems to set in for a visitor where some of the traditional and old structures of the school still stand firm despite the ruthless ravages of time and weather over the decades.

Doubtless, since its establishment way back in 1916, the school has undergone tremendous changes especially in physical development. The Board of Management under the patronage of Teochew Association has mainly responsible for the infra-structure of the school. Currently in the drawing board are the up-and-coming projects on a roofing cover between block 6 and block 7 of the school and the much-needed multi-purpose hall. These projects along with some beautification programmes would invariably make Kuching High an enviable institution around this region.

Due to its historical past – being a Chinese-converted secondary school since 1963 – Chinese language is essentially an important and popular subject among the students, in line with its justification of conversion and establishment. Till today, this is still looked upon as the soul and spirit of Kuching High, without which the school will be looked upon as “rootless”.

Under the dynamic and far-sighted leadership of the current principal – Mr. Ivor Lim, assisted by a pool of dedicated and committed staff, coupled with the concerted effort of the Board of Management and other parties concerned, Kuching High School is poised to reach a new height in academic and extra-curricular achievement in the next couple of years. Our Vision is to be awarded the School Cluster category when Ministry of Education, Malaysia came out with this implementation.